The Peyronies Disease Society Welcomes You.

Peyronies Disease, sometimes called Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP), is actually a scarring condition that results in deformity of the penis (typically, onset of a bent or curved penis). Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that requires a lot of support for the physical and emotional challenges faced by patients and their partners. That support is now at your finger tips because you have just arrived at the largest, most active Peyronie’s Disease support organization in existence.  Our website is full of useful information with more added on a regular basis. The Peyronies Disease Society’s forum has over fifteen hundred members with several thousand posts on every aspect of this disease.  Our sites receive hundreds of unique visitors with over ninety thousand hits monthly.  Most importantly, we are much more than just a source of information. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or an established patient, we hope you will find relief, fellowship, and a sound sense of hope.

What Makes this Site Different?

The easiest way for me to explain the answer to that question is with a quote from one of our members that recently expressed himself like this.  “We are here to learn from, and ask questions of other Peyronie’s Disease patients.  This site can help those who have just learned they have Peyronies Disease or those like me who have had it for many years.  This is not just another site of so called experts giving a cold encyclopedia definition of Peyronies Disease.  The site’s main purpose is one of communication from one Peyronie’s Disease patient to the other.  We built this from the ground up, on plain simple talk between Peyronie’s Disease sufferers and their partners.”

Additionally, our organization is exclusive in offering the only Private Female Forum for women who are in any way suffering from the affects of Peyronies Disease and want to talk to other women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the tools of education, discussion, organization, and advocacy to provide support to Peyronie’s Disease patients and their partners in a trusted setting.  Learn about treatment options, disease progression, and coping strategies. 

We will use these same tools to increase public awareness.  We strive to forge a bond with the professional components of our community for the purpose of supporting research and improved treatment methods. Ultimately we work to expand the search for a cure.

We support others in the Peyronies Disease community working to accomplish similar goals.

We support others in the Peyronies Disease community working to accomplish similar goals.

Organization Profile

We are organized and operated exclusively by Peyronies Disease patients for Peyronies Disease patients.  We remain free from any obligation to pharmaceutical companies or other medical institutions.

While we warmly welcome all medical, research, and pharmaceutical companies to participate in our support functions, we remain free of any conflict of interest that would compromise our commitment to have a patient run organization that puts the patient first.

We are non-profit.  We have no commercial interests, and are funded solely from the personal finances of our management team.  Our membership base actively contributes to information, education, and support, through our Peyronies Disease Forum.

SECURITY and PRIVACY are crucial issues At Peyronies Disease Society.  No identifying information is ever released to any other organization or site.  In fact, we collect no private information on members or visitors without their clear decision to provide such information. Any private information is strictly controlled even within our organization.  Only a very few individuals with a specific need to know, have access to any of this information.  Even then, the access is further limited to only the specific information they need.

Our forum affords the opportunity to anonymously discuss any issue without concern that your true identity will ever be known by anyone including the forum administrators.

Peyronies Disease Overview

Peyronies Disease is actually a scarring condition that results in an unpredictable mix of symptoms including: Deformity of the penis (typically, onset of a bent or curved penis).  For more information go to the link on this page entitled “Peyronie’s Disease”.  From there you will also find links to an article on Intimacy, Sexuality, and Peyronie’s Disease as well as a glossaryof terms.