About Us

Who are we, why are we here?

We are Peyronies Disease patients just like you or your partner.  In truth the term patient may be somewhat misleading since many of us are not currently under the care of any doctor.  It all started because we saw a need for a forum unlike any that existed.  We wanted a forum that was not heavily moderated and where member posts were never altered or censored because of opinion on any Peyronies Disease related topic, a forum where your opinion or question is not measured against some preconceived standard of the “correct” comment.  We also wanted a forum where we could communicate openly in a trusted environment without being harassed by impostors trying to disrupt our conversation.  We wanted a forum that was not hijacked by religious zealots or people whose priority it was to spread their political agenda.  We wanted a forum that was not run by someone trying to sell “cures or spamming us with pop-up ads. We saw a neglected niche’ an we knew that,

If we built it, you would come!

We are happy to report that you did come at an astounding rate to build a forum from the ground up that surpassed all of our expectations.  We now have the largest most active Peyronie’s Disease forum on the internet.  

With that base, and continuing growth, we have evolved into an organization that accepts the responsibility of support, education, public awareness, as well as advocacy with other organizations and industries.  After much thought and discussion, we changed our name from “Peyronie’s Disease Patient Discussion Forum” to “Peyronie’s Disease Society” to reflect this expanded role.  Our forum is still our base because it is about you.  Your forum at Peyronies Disease Society is your voice to us, to each other, and to those we hope to impact.  You are our foundation and we pledge never to forget that basic fact.

Welcome, you are among those that understand, want to help, and we hope you feel the same.