Women’s Forum

A Peyronies Disease forum just for women

Frustration, confusion, helplessness, insecurity, anger, sadness, guilt, hopelessness, inadequacy…  As a woman, have you felt any of these or other like emotions in relation to your situation with Peyronie’s Disease?  For the women in the Ladies Room, these and many other emotions have too often been the norm.  Ignored, they have often lead to opening the doors to many other issues that plague and possibly destroy what was once a very loving and fulfilling relationship with the men that they love.

 It can be a difficult road for the women that are trying desperately to love and support their man with this condition.  Some men just shut down and build a wall of protection around themselves that even the closest person in their lives cannot penetrate.  For other men, their anger and frustration at their present reality causes them to lash out, however inappropriately, at the one person that they feel safe enough to handle the anger without leaving them.  Is it fair?  Is it just?  Absolutely not!  Is it understandable?  Completely!  When you are dealing with a condition without any clear-cut cure, and without resources for coping, these reactions and feelings are completely normal. 

 No one has universal answers because everyone has different issues and situations.  But the underlying tone is generally the same.  Your man is suffering from a condition that is taking away their perceived ability to engage in any intimate and sexual manner.  This is causing heartache for both of you.  You are feeling betrayed by something that you have absolutely no control over.  For women this is entirely unacceptable.  By nature and natural design we are caretakers and usually have the mindset that we can find the answers to assist in correcting any problem.  Often the man will reject in disbelief that this is happening to him, and not even allow his partner the knowledge that something is wrong.  In this case, the partner is left clueless as to why the intimacy has ended, and why a wall has been built between them.  We may be left to wonder, “Is it me?”  “Am I no longer attractive or desirable to him?”  “Has he found another?” and the confusion for the partner builds.  It is easier for some men to just ignore it and hope that it will go away.  However, it seldom does, and the tension, misunderstanding, and heartache become overwhelming.  Before you know it the elephant in the room has taken over the whole house!

 Does any of this sound familiar?  Where and who do you go to in order to talk about how you are feeling when communication with your partner breaks down?  Where do you go to learn how you can help him to overcome his natural feelings of guilt, shame, and embarrassment over this very private condition?  It is not a topic that most feel comfortable discussing with co-workers, or a church ladies group, family members, or even with your closest friends.  This is generally something difficult to understand or relate to on any significant level, unless you have dealt with it yourself. 

This is the reason for the creation of “The Ladies Room”.  Here you will find that special, private, place to share and offer support with other women that may need to express and get guidance for their feelings of emotional turmoil.

 You will meet and be able to talk with ladies in varied experience levels.  This ranges from those that have been dealing with it for a long time and have successfully arrived at a point of acceptance with their partner.  They have learned how to communicate in a healthy manner with their spouse about the options available to them.  Others are in that searching stage and are dealing with the feelings of rejection, inadequacy, confusion, and many other such emotions that rock their world on a daily basis. 

 Together we can offer each other, ideas, understanding, hope, and general support to understand better how we can be the much-needed supportive partners to the men that we love as we deal with this debilitating condition.  You will find that intimacy and sexual life with your partner does not have to end with this condition.  While it may forever be a bit different than it was before.  Different is not necessarily worse, many find that it can be even better than it was before, because you will be looking at life and the options for a relationship in a whole different light.

 This special forum is designed to be only for women so we are free to discuss our emotional feelings without the input of men.  While well meaning, men are wired differently than women and at times just do not understand the position that we hold.  In order to have that security level maintained, it is imperative that registered, female members indicate their gender in the profile they submit upon registration.  Please do not be discouraged if you do not have access immediately upon registration.  Access to The Ladies Room needs to be given manually by the moderator after confirming your status.  At times the screen names and gender indication are not clear and must be determined.  At times, the moderator is not online to give access.  Rest assured that after gender is verified, access to the Ladies Room will be given within a very short period.

 If you have found a need in your life today for this kind of supportive environment, I sincerely invite you to register today and join our group.  Our Ladies group, as well as the main forum, are devoted to giving all who need it the support and understanding desperately needed in this fight against Peyronies Disease.  Your will find that not only are you encouraged  by participating in the discussions, but that you will in turn be a great blessing to others seeking that same understanding voice and ear to listen as they reach out in desperation.

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